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Booking Terms

In order to complete your booking a deposit must be paid to Brooklyn Cove Inc. within three business days of setting this appointment.

Security Deposit

A security deposit is required in order to complete your booking. The security deposit amount is $500 for events of 2 hours and $750 for events of 3 hours or more. The security deposit is refunded 24 hours after your event as long as the vessels are returned without any damages.


Payment options include Check, Credit Card, or Zelle.

Checks made payable to: Brooklyn Cove Inc.


In the event that a customer is unable to attend their scheduled date, the customer can choose to postpone their charter to a later date as long as that date is available. If there were any promotions attached to this booking the promotion will carry over. In the event a 2nd postponement the promotion will no longer be available. In the event that a customer can not postpone to a later date the customer can cancel the transaction with a Cancellation Fee of $500.

Terms & Conditions

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